Addiscombe SNT Ward Panel

What We Do

The purpose of the Addiscombe SNT Ward Panel is the same as the other London Borough Ward Panels, which is to:
Review crime in the ward
Assess residents' views
Advise the police
Set key tasks in discussion with the police
Monitor the Police's progress in meeting/fulfilling the tasks

The Ward Panels are not involved with individual crimes, cases or victims. The Addiscombe SNT Ward Panel has a written Constitution which expressly limits its role to policing matters within and relating to the ward, its residents and businesses. Therefore, for example, it has no remit to review or advise on any sentencing by magistrates or the crown court related to any crime in Addiscombe. The Ward Panel conducts regular quarterly meetings to discuss and agree Key Tasks with the Police. It achieves the above objectives through a review of recent Crime Figures as well as any problematic issues brought to the table by Panel members. It then sets the Key Tasks, agreeing actions with the SNT. These actions and their progress are recorded via minutes taken at each meeting.

Want to get involved?........Simply email our Secretary. You'll then be invited as an observer to the next meeting where you can meet the team and see how the Ward Pane works. If you decide you want to become a member, the Secretary will give you a copy of the constitution and an application form.

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