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A new smart phone app will allow the public to report crimes directly to the police.  Every year hundreds of thousands of crimes - including burglary, theft and violent attacks - go unreported because victims can’t be bothered with the ‘hassle’ of calling the police.

And last year around half a million calls to the non-emergency 101 number went unanswered because operators were busy.

The free app, which is named ‘Self Evident’, allows users to report the crime without making the call.  The information - including the location of the crime, when it happened and the victim’s personal details are then passed on to their local beat bobby or the police headquarters.

The app was the idea of charity Witness Confident, which was set up to help improve relations between the public and the police.

Guy Dehn, the charity’s director, said he hoped the app would improve levels of unreported crime and ensure the police get all the details they need.

Self-Evident makes it easy for the public to report crime, make statements and file evidence with the police simply and securely.

 ‘Mobile technology is an incredibly powerful tool and this app will put that power in the public’s hands so they can help cut crime in their area.’

The app is available to download on iPhone and Android smartphones.

In London and Northumbria, crime reports filled in on the app will be sent to the police headquarters.  Elsewhere, the data is sent directly to the neighbourhood police team via the website.

The charity estimates that some 406,000 victims of crime do not report what happened to them because of the inconvenience

Anti-Social behaviour - frequently asked questions


     “What do I do if I can hear a party happening nearby in the middle of the           night which is disturbing me?”

              The council has powers to deal with noise that is considered a statutory nuisance. A statutory                            nuisance is determined by a number of factors including, but not limited to; type of noise, volume,                        frequency, duration and its impact on others. The council generally adopts an escalating approach to                  noise enforcement and can deal with unreasonable noise from loud music, parties dog barking, car and              house alarms. The law enables the council to take action against those who cause a noise nuisance,                  which can result in a fine and confiscation of any equipment causing the noise. The Environmental                       Health Officers (EHO) attend to assess the situation and if needed can request support from police.                    The EHO are contactable on 0208 726 6200 or using the My Croydon app (which can be downloaded                  from the Itunes and Android stores).
    While the council's legal powers enable them to deal with unreasonable noisy activities, defined as a                   Statutory Nuisance, they cannot deal with noise which is considered to be “normal domestic noise” which          arises from people going about their normal, day-to-day activities in a reasonable manner such as:

              * Noise that can be heard due to poor sound insulation, for example                           neighbours talking or walking on wooden or laminate floors

           * Children playing in gardens or in the street

           * Doors being closed

           * Road traffic (other than vehicle alarms).

        “My neighbour deliberately makes noise throughout the day and night           and it is affecting my quality of life, who do I speak to in regards to this?”    

    Tackling and dealing with ongoing incidents of anti-social behaviour often requires a multi-agency approach       and the council work closely with the police and other partners to bring ASB to an end as swiftly as                   possible. Call 101 to report the incident to the police and this will be passed to your local borough for an             officer to make contact with you to ascertain the exact details of what has occurred. The officer will then         advise you whether police will deal with this or another agency. If further assistance is needed from another     agency then you will be given their contact details. Alternatively, you may wish to report any nuisance or           ASB you have experienced, directly to the council and this can be done by calling on: 0208 726 6000 or             emailing the ASB team directly at  If you are a council tenant, you are advised to    contact your housing officer on the same telephone number.  


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