Addiscombe SNT Ward Panel

Joining the Ward Panel

If you would like to join the Addiscombe SNT Ward Panel, it is very straightforward. In the first instance, please contact our Secretary. He will advise you of the next meeting date & time and two weeks before, send you a copy of the agenda. On your first visit to a meeting, you are not permitted to become actively involved in the discussions taking place, nor can you vote on any matters arising. These rights are reserved for the duly elected Ward Panel members. 

If you decide you would like to become involved and join the Ward Panel, our Secretary will send you:-

1. A copy of our Constitution, which lists the rules and regulations regarding our Ward Panel and how we operate.

2. An application form

At the next meeting, the application will be confirmed, considered and voted on. Applications are dealt with in the strictest of confidence and your contact details will not be passed on to anyone not involved with the Ward Panel.

The Croydon Police Independent Advisory Group (IAG) is looking to recruit new members.

The IAG is a group of community volunteers who provide independent advice to senior police officers in Croydon. The aim of the group is to provide strategic advice and an external and independent view on issues that may impact on local communities, linked to crime, community safety or major criminal investigations.

The IAG is looking for new members to join in Croydon and it will be an opportunity for somebody with an in-depth knowledge of their local community to make a real difference, by providing independent advice to the police command team on how police actions might affect the community.

Advisors are neither accountable nor liable for the advice given and they do not perform any other role, for example mediation or meeting victims or witnesses.

Shuaib Yusaf, the Chair of the Croydon IAG said: "We're looking for new people to join the IAG that are part of, and know their community well.  This is a great opportunity for somebody who can think strategically and wants to offer their expertise and experience to assist and guide the local police command team in on the impact of policing decisions in Croydon's communities and have a real influence on policing in the borough."

Members of the public who would like to join the IAG can contact Croydon Police to obtain an information and application pack.

The closing date for applications is 28 February 2014.

To obtain an information and application pack:

Write to: FAO Sarah Prebble, Independent Advisory Group Recruitment, Croydon Police Station, 71 Park Lane Croydon, CR9 1BP
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